The Skeptic

The school budget has always been a long debated topic- in movies, TV shows, and in real life- so I went to the person who knows most about our school, Gordon Butler, and he answered some of the questions I felt needed more explaining.

Is it really true that the athletics departments get more funding than fine arts or is it just a facade by artists to get more money? The truth: sports generate more money than fine arts electives such as art and choir. Football gets sponsors and adverts and, with the access money they collect,  put it towards non revenue sports such as softball and lacrosse which don’t get sponsors like football. Financial clerk for the high school, Sandy Brown, says that the Fine Arts Department receives approximately 23% of the school budget, leaving 77% for other school needs.

On top of all of this, both the athletics department and the arts do fundraising every year. This is to cover costs such as gear for athletes, costumes for dance, and transportation for both to and from competitions. Having been in choir for four years, I know that you can either do the fundraising or have your parents write a check fulfilling the cost. Mr. butler discussed that this fundraising is to help alleviate the cost from parents and give an alternate option.

What role does the PTO play? The PTO, or Parent Teacher Organization, works to earn money for campus needs. Every year, teachers put together a wish list of what they want/need for the upcoming year. Sometimes the wish list gets fulfilled and sometimes it gets overlooked but the important thing to remember is that, no matter what, the PTO raises lots of money every year, raising around $35, 000 last year for LTHS teachers. With 180 teachers, each teacher should receive an estimated $194 and, in return, teachers also raise money for the PTO, raising around $8,000 last year.

With all of this said, what do you think? Did you know this before now? Do you think sports need more funding? Do you thing the arts need more funding? What do you think about the PTO? Do you thing the PTO does enough? If you were/are a teacher, how would/do you feel about sharing $35,000 with the entire school? Let us know in the comment section below.