The Skeptic’s Guide to a Chiropractor


Daniel Cardenas - Reporter

Going down Bee Cave Road, you come across a series of familiar offices and businesses just little ways from H-E-B. Hidden behind these there is a small studio with big blue letters reading “Elite Wellness Chiropractic”. Normally I would not have even taken a second glance at this small building, but because of a doctor’s recommendation I now find myself going three times a week.

You might recognize chiropractors as the doctors who crack your neck and spine. A staple of the chiropractic world, this is more commonly known as spinal adjustment. And for those who haven’t had the pleasure of getting their neck cracked, it’s not as screwed up as it sounds. There is a method to the madness as this kind of therapy is essential to the healing of the body.

A common reason for a visit to the chiropractor is in the form of spinal misalignments. When these occur, information from the nervous system is reduced resulting in poor function of the affected organs. There are many reasons these occur, such as chronic stress, poor sleeping habits, poor posture, or even playing sports. I’m sure these habits are no strangers to the average high school student either which is all the more reason to give recognition to chiropractors.

There are tons more reasons someone would need to see a chiropractor, like physical problems such as a stiff neck or joint pain. Or in my case, mental reasons such as depression, poor sleep, and headaches. But what makes a chiropractic adjustment such a popular method among patients, is the opportunity for drug free path to natural healing.

In an everyday visit to the chiropractor you can expect getting blasted by an herby smell when you walk through the door. Once you get used to that you will then sign in and start a short workout which is unique to Elite Wellness. Then you get adjusted by Dr. Cash Lewis, the doctor to a number of U.S. olympic teams such as wrestling, martial arts, and volleyball. Before you leave you will be given a number of weights that will support your adjustment.

After just a few months of spinal adjustment I was surprised with the results. Along with getting better sleep and having reduced headaches, I was even able to get off antidepressants. All in all I would recommend Elite Wellness to anybody for even the smallest reasons, and for those who look for health benefits without the medications.