Climate Change on The Minds of LT Students

Climate Change on The Minds of LT Students

Anna Tabet - Reporter

I was having a conversation with my friend’s mom when I first heard that it was a possibility. The wildly dreamed about “it”. I didn’t believe that it was truly going to happen. Do you blame me? I’ve lived in Austin, Texas for 12 years now. I’ve heard the weathercasts predicting that there was a chance. I grasped onto that chance every time, but it rarely ever came true. On December 7, all Austinite’s dreams came true. After the initial confusion of what exactly the powdery white substance was coming from the sky, everyone celebrated their amazement at the beautiful sight of snow by doing what we do best, posting pictures of it on every social media possible.

It is understandable for anyone from Northern States to be snicker at the silly Southern folk who stop and gawk at the humorously thin layer of snow on the ground, till it goes back to being 80 degrees the following day. However, the last time Austin saw snow to this degree was nearly 6 years ago, in 2011. There’s been countless years in the past that it’s iced, causing the misinformed inhabitants of Austin to be overjoyed with the notably less enjoyable product of cold weather. After witnessing the awe people displayed when viewing ice, I was could merely imagine what would happen if it snowed again. The uproar from the sun soaked and heat loving citizens was incredible to observe. Watching those same people attempt to drive in it, however, was not as fun-loving.

Nevertheless, while we Texans frolic in our temporary and quickly diminishing winter wonderland, acres upon acres of California’s land are being consumed by wildfires. The destruction by wildfires is not foreign to the area, however it is just as devastating a circumstance as ever. The direct cause of each singular wildfire is difficult to pin on climate change, but with the increasing number and size of fires correlating with the ever bolstering impact of anthropogenic climate change, the overall effect of climate change is unquestionable.

Climate change i a force that we as a society are capable of decreasing. Unfortunately, many of us make the conscious decision to continue our over consumptive nature. In reality, there are simple changes every person can make to lessen their addition to the destructive nature of climate change. Carpooling and recycling are two of the most recognizable and easy changes you can make to your daily routine. There are more severe and effective changes such as decreasing your intake of red meat that would also work to decrease your carbon footprint. There are countless tasks that people can slightly alter to truly assist in our preservation of our world’s resources and overall health. It’s all a matter of what change best encompasses a person’s lifestyle to ensure that disasters such as the numerous wildfires will not be a growing fear.