Weird Austin…the Only Austin


Gwen Reed, reporter

Here’s some of Austin’s quirkiest, coolest places that are still keeping Austin weird. Must-sees for Austinites, tourists, and everyone in between! (Not in order)


  1. Museum of the Weird. The Museum of the Weird, located on 6th St., is a museum chock-full of freaks of nature throughout history that will leave goosebumps down your spine. This museum looks small at first, but is surprisingly large, with even more to offer. This includes a gift shop full of eccentric items, rooms full of bizarrely intriguing art statues and figurines, stories of supernatural events, a tour, and even a show.
  2. Cathedral of Junk. The Cathedral of Junk is precisely what it sounds like, although probably more magical than you think. Located in a small neighborhood in South Austin, this 3 story tower of random items is quite the unusual piece of art.
  3. Hippie Hollow. While this one may not be a must-see for everyone, it’s worth mentioning. Austin’s hippies gather at this clothing-optional park to swim and sunbathe. The fact that Hippie Hollow is the only clothing-optional park left in Texas makes it unique to Austin.
  4. Lala’s Christmas bar. Lala’s is no ordinary bar. Wildly appealing to us holiday lovers, in this Christmas-themed bar it’s lights, elves, and cheery music all year long.
  5. Blue Starlite Drive in. This is a personal favorite. This intimate drive in movie theatre was started by a local Austinite in hopes to bring drive in movies back to life! Complete with a trailer concession stand, this place gives off the intended 60s vibes and is popular amongst all ages. Blue Starlite here in Austin is the world’s only mini urban boutique drive-in movie theatre!
  6. Barking Springs. Barking Springs is just downstream from Austin’s popular Barton Springs, but, in my opinion, much more interesting.  It gets its name for its popularity amongst dogs and their owners. Free of cost and dog friendly, this place is full of all types of individuals. Swimming, sunbathing, doing yoga, enoing, dancing, smoking, playing bongos, you name it and it’s probably happening down there. Barking Springs never fails to refresh and entertain.
  7. Toy Joy.  Toy joy is a toy store downtown filled to the brim with uncommon knick knacks. Always full of interesting things to see, a trip to Toy Joy is colorful, lively, and anything but dull.