LT Offers Clubs for All Groups

Gwen Reed, reporter

You know about Friday club days here at Lake Travis, but are you utilizing them? You know about some of the larger clubs such as Stuco, NHS, and junior chamber of commerce, but have you heard of some of the smaller clubs started by students just like you? Not only is our school filled with talented students with countless unique ideas(like yourself), but also teachers who are willing to support these ideas! Anyone can start a club! All you need is an idea you’re passionate about, a sponsor(teacher willing to host the club), and a group of students willing to join.

If starting a club isn’t up your ally, think about joining one (or two or four)! The larger clubs mentioned earlier are great clubs making a difference in the community and in the school everyday, and, as a bonus, look impressive on college applications. In addition to these big clubs, there are plenty of smaller clubs devoted to specific hobbies and areas of interest created by students around Lake Travis, and there is something for everyone. From surfing to yoga to sailing and beyond, there’s a club for each of your unique hobbies. Are you a biker? Try the mountain biking club in M106 or the BMX club in L133! If you’re interested in learning more about astronomy, coding, mythology, or guitar, you guessed it, there are clubs for those too.

Haven’t heard anything intriguing yet? Check out for a list of all the clubs here at LT. Guaranteed you will find something that grabs your attention. Don’t miss out on this opportunity given to you to explore new hobbies, push your boundaries, delve into your interests, and connect with fellow students on campus who are interested in those things as well!