AMD Introduces 3rd Generation Ryzen

AMD Introduces 3rd Generation Ryzen

Jack Wilson, Reporter

On July 7, 2019, AMD finally climbed out of the hole they dug themselves, and released 3rd gen Ryzen. For years AMD has been the “budget option” and in 2015 hit a low point. The market was saturated by Intel and AMD sales were very poor, forcing AMD to lay off workers, and the employees that reminded were working 16 hour days. 

But with the release of 3rd gen Ryzen and things to follow, AMD didn’t just take back the market, they dominated it. 3rd gen Ryzen caught up to Intel in gaming performance and editing. But that’s not the entire market. For high end editors intel has a high end expensive extreme series of processors, but AMD comes close to that with their 3950x that is also 250 dollars cheaper, and that’s with Intel’s 1000 dollar price cut from last year’s extreme processor, and that isn’t even bringing in AMD’s Threadripper series. 

AMD’s Threadripper series of processors are for high end work-stations. Their 3960x has 24 cores, 3970x has 32 cores, and their 3990x with 64 cores. Not to mention the great pricing. The 3990x will only cost $4,000, the 3970x at $2,000, and the 3960x at $1,400. 

But where intel makes a lot of their money is the server market. But AMD has also released a server chip with 64 cores, their Epyc rome at ony $6,950. Before Epyc you could not get a no compromise server with only 1 cpu, but Epyc makes this possible, allowing consumers to save money by buying 1 socket motherboards if that is what fits their workload, and even better, only 1 cpu. And with it’s 8 memory channels and 128 lanes of PCI, Epyc can handle larger memory footprints than their intel counterparts. With all this happening it is only a matter of time before household NAS builds to big companies change their servers to use AMD. 

And in the final corner of the market stands intel’s long reigning dominance, but now AMD is making laptops not only more affordable, but also better in both gpu, and cpu tasks due to AMD’s vega graphics on their cpus crushing intel’s. And some laptop makers, such as ASUS, are completely switching to AMD in their machines. 

Finally after years of intel being stagnant, it seems they will have to innovate again, this is a perfect time to build any computer as prices are at an all time low and performance an all time high.

However, this article was written mostly before the launch, so my post launch impression of the processor is that it is only for those who need a 64 core workstation without needing more than 256gb of ram. Because the 3990x is $2,000 cheaper than the Epyc Rome AMD artificially limited the 3990x, because it needs unbuffered dims the most ram it can have is 256gb unless higher density dims come out or AMD fixes this with a firmware update. The 3990x is more of a move to kick Intel down than anything else.