Yungblud Up and Coming Band

Yungblud Up and Coming Band

Katherine Hill, Reporter

Recently, artist Yungblud with special guest Missio took to the stage at Emos, giving an energetic concert full of jumping, moshing, and fans singing at the top of their lungs.

Missio, a local pop-rock band formed in 2015, was overjoyed with the opportunity to perform for their hometown, giving it their all for every song performed. Band members, Matthew Brue and David Butler, brought an electric presence on stage bring everyone in the room to a wild roar, dancing and singing along right with the two performers. 

Yungblud, a stage name given to musician Dominic Harrison, released his first album in 2017 called “21st Century Liability,” which instantly began gaining in popularity in both the United Kingdom and the United States. Harrison grew up surrounded by music, with his father owning the local guitar shop in Doncaster, England. Now, Harrison finds himself a globally known pop alternative artist with several of his songs hitting the charts in both the United Kingdom and the United States, resulting in him winning an iHeartRadio Music Award earlier this year. Emos is not the first time Austin had the chance to witness Yungblud perform his electric act, he was also a performer at 2018’s Austin City Limits. From then to now, his show has only grown in popularity.  

Yungblud’s music, although not for everyone, attempts to inform the listeners about current and relevant issues the world faces. In many of his songs, he expresses the stress that many teens and young adults feel in their everyday lives, while also pumping up the audience. His Emos performance was nothing short of exceptional. During the show, he found himself making several outfit changes and at times coming down into the audience to join in on the fun. The show stopper of the night, however, would be when he brought boy named Benjamin, only at the age of 6, onto the stage to help him in singing one of his most popular songs.