How to Prepare Your Parents for College

How to Prepare Your Parents for College

Ainsley Maddalena, Reporter

It’s no lie that leaving home and going to college is stressful for every student. However, have you ever thought about how your parents may feel? It has come to my attention that there are two types of parents; the ones that want you to spread your wings and go wherever your heart desires, so long as you are happy (and not in too much debt in the end) and those who wish you stay close to home and never leave their side. Whatever the case may be, I have some tips for you to make going off to college easier for your parents. 

If your parents are like the first type I described, listen here. There is a good chance that your parents may be putting up a front when, in actuality, they are hurting. Their child, whether you be first born or not, is leaving home to embark on a life of their own. A parent cannot help but worry in such a case. Parents are like dogs, they need to be reassured everything will be okay. Leave small notes around the house noting your affection for them. Text them funny jokes throughout the day. Ask to spend personal time with them, whether that be watching movies, the big game, or exploring the outdoors. 

If your parents are like the second type I described, the situation must be handled with the utmost delicacy. Similar to that of a baby, sudden changes startle them. It is important to remind your parents that they, too, once left home for college and although the times have changed considerably since, the process of moving out and attending college is still very much the same. College is a right of passage that most choose to go through. Make your parents feel included in the process. Ask their opinion on what mattress pad is best, water filter, hangers, anything to make them feel part of the process. While college should be your decision, first and foremost, your parents need to feel like they have a say in things, though they may be the smaller, less important things. 

No matter your case, it is important to remember that your parents love you and want the best for you. Put your wishes first but remember to listen to your parents. I know first hand how difficult parents can be, especially when there is a situation that involves anything to do with college. Be delicate with their feelings but do not let them pressure you into decisions that you do not wish. Parents can make it seem like leaving for college is the end of the world. Remind them that it is your first taste of adulthood and independence. And when all is said and done, you’ll be back for break!