LT Fills Film Production Class

LT Fills Film Production Class

Jack Wilson, Reporter

On January 20, Kristyn Barnett taught her first film production class after 5 years away from teaching.  She has started her teaching comeback by informing the film III classes of the roles they are expected to play.

The first classes, Barnett has her sights set on teaching from the textbook material including broadcast vs. cable and other information about the film and video media world.  Barnett began by having the students get into groups and having each group come with an idea for the Cavcast and then produce a script for the next episode.

Barnett is forming a new studio that will host the anchors of Cavcast with a room full of controls for the lights, audio and tricaster to oversee the studio.  The studio features a giant green screen, multiple cameras for different angles, plenty of lighting and great sounding microphones.

Upgrades have recently been made to the room, equipment and schedule of students, including but not limited to:  better organization of jobs and equipment, new studio and dedicated interview room and voiceover room.  The change that not only the students, but also Barnett are hoping to obtain is a double monitor setup for edictors and possibly new headphones if the budget allows.

She hopes that the Cavcast will appear back at LTHS very soon.