Kennedy Domecq Is Here to Rock Our World


Bailey Wright - Reporter

Known as the live music capital of the world, Austin is a city incredibly tied with the music scene, and many students at LTHS, including junior, Kennedy Domecq, are a part of it, playing local performances and releasing music through social media.

Domecq, a member of two bands, Flourish and Sacresc, has dedicated her life to creating and sharing music, and aspires to one day become a full-time musician. Domecq’s main band, Flourish, consists of three members, and through the band’s performances, Domecq became increasingly involved in the music scene and was later asked to join a second band.


“My manager and one of my bandmates were contacted by the bass player of Sacresc through a dating website,” Domecq said. “They needed an opening band for their gig at The Mohawk and asked us to perform. I ended up becoming really close with the members of Sacresc and working with them on an album. Later, I ended up joining the band.”


Despite committing herself to practice several times a week, Domecq manages to balance both her school and music life, scheduling time to do schoolwork in advance.


“If I know I have band practice or a gig, I usually end up sacrificing sleep, because in my eyes, it’s more important to get better at my music,” Domecq explained.


Over the summer, Domecq recorded an EP with her band, Flourish. The EP was recorded in a two-day period over the course of sixteen hours, and consists of four songs. The self-titled EP, Flourish, is available to listen to on the band’s Soundcloud.


Next summer, Domecq expects to release her own album, called Two, which has been in the works for over three years,


“The album will be done by the beginning of next school year if all goes as planned,” Domecq said. “It’s a story and a documentation of my personal growth throughout the years, and because of this, the album gets incredibly personal. I’m so excited to record it. It’s been a long time coming.”


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