LT Theatre Revives Classic Odd Couple


Anna Tabet, Reporter

Oscar and Felix/Olive and Florence are the duo most frequently referred to as The Odd Couple. The delightfully mismatched acquaintances make many seniors fear for the impending doom that is receiving a roommate in college. The always comical Neil Simon tells of the escapades of two polar opposite friends who were thrown together within the confines of a drama filled apartment, due to an unfortunate circumstance, leaving Felix/Florence quite plainly, homeless. This playful and light hearted show is coming to a PAC near you, with both a male and female cast, Thursday, October 12, Saturday, October 14, and Monday, October 16.

The Lake Travis Theater Department is currently tackling the fall show full force. Despite the lengthy rehearsals, the horror of off book day, and the twinkle of anxiety in every cast member’s eye when anyone mutters the words “tech week”, the casts are well oiled and excitement filled machines of productivity. To put on a show requires assistance from various uniquely talented individuals, who volunteer their time all in the hopes of a valuable and entertaining outcome. Before an audience member is sitting and marveling at the magnificent and complex set pieces on the dimly lit stage, those set pieces go through weeks, sometimes months of strenuous, detailed, and at times dangerous work. The brightly colored and at times intense lights increasing the tension or adding to the innocent beauty of a scene, as well as the background music or significant sound effects, are manufactured by technically advanced students who at the same moments are focused on executing their cues. In both the technical and theatrical aspects of the play, the stage manager is a vital element in getting the play and the actors prepared and fully functioning for show day. The cast of The Odd Couple is lucky enough to have an incredible stage manager as well as two equally incredible assistant stage managers who attend and work diligently at every rehearsal. The casts’ director, Mrs. Guckian, is new to Lake Travis this year. Her experience and dedication to each student’s character development allows for a more refined final product.

Imploring people to come witness two men/women fight, cry, and hurt themselves for an evening on the surface may be deemed a strange request, however for the dedication that each individual tech and cast member has put into ensuring that every attendee fully enjoys their show going experience, it is well worth the time. If anyone is to find themselves in need of some comic relief or a break from school, come back to school and watch fellow students make loud noises and sarcastic comments to each other for an hour and a half.