New Teachers…No Sweat

Anna Tabet, Reporter

Lake Travis High School is composed of a multitude of passionate, dedicated, patient, and intelligent teachers. If anyone was unaware, being a high school teacher is not as easy as many students make it out to be. Excluding their need to deal with people at the peak of their hypersensitivity and anxiety, the act of teaching itself requires innovative and thought provoking activities and lessons. Due to our constantly growing campus, an abundant amount of new teachers are added yearly. If being a seasoned teacher is challenging, then it is pretty simple to picture the hardships that accompany being a new teacher, especially for a campus as bustering as Lake Travis.

There are many approaches to teaching that have been more successful for students as well as teachers, that new teachers many not be aware of. Mr. Wedemeyer, an AP English 3 teacher at LT for 12 years, emphasizes the benefits of “creating relationships with your students”. Within a classroom, if a student feels as though they are comfortable enough to share an opinion without being judged by their peers or by their teacher, it allows for more liberating and engaging discussions. Students are human beings with needs, one of those needs is to occasionally have to go to the bathroom. If the need was to arise during a lecture, students understand that the information they are to attain from the lecture is more importantly than simply delaying their bathroom break for a few minutes. However, completely eradicating a student’s ability to use the restroom or strictly confining those bathroom visits to a constricting quantity will not increase a student’s quality of work. Unironically, it will do the opposite, deterring a student from focusing on the lesson for they are more focused on the issue that they may quite literally burst during class because they drank that huge bottle of water last period and didn’t need to go to the bathroom between classes. Schoology is newfangled technology that the administrators at school as well as the student body are required to use. However, due to the wide selection of layouts and differing teaching methods and lessons, it is at times more challenging to access information that is required for the class. Having a designated folder for what events occurred during class as well as the files of the work assigned or given in class enables the students to attain the necessary measures.  

Teachers’ jobs demand them to understand the actions and perceptions of those they work with and for on a daily basis. Attempting to comprehend students’ and fellow teachers’ standpoints on subject matter such as how they believe they will attain and administer the highest quality of education is vital to an individual’s growth as a teacher. Adjusting to a new environment alone is arduous but accepting the virtuous knowledge surrounding the subject matter allows for the conditioning that every teacher needs to become multi sided educators.