2017 a Busy Hurricane Season


Ainsley Maddalena, Reporter

Happy hurricane season. I hope everyone is enjoying watching weather reporters defy government warnings just to report in the storm because, well I’m not exactly sure. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, just YouTube Seth Meyers’ hurricane reports – you’ll thank me later.

In just six months there have been six hurricanes, three of them being major (cat 3+). That might not seem like such a big deal but last year, through a span of 11 months, there were seven hurricanes, four of them being major and in 2015, there were four hurricanes, two of which were major. So why are we seeing more and more hurricanes every year?

Many people believe it’s a result of global warming and they may not be wrong. During a recent interview with The Telegraph News, Professor Richard Allan of Climate Science at the University of Reading says that hurricanes are made worse by climate change and that this year has been a particularly warm year.

Of course, in the wake of these recent natural disasters, tragedy struck for millions. Homes demolished and hundreds dead or missing. Hurricane Harvey hit close to home for Texans and Hurricane Irma broke records as the strongest Atlantic storm ever recorded, leaving the entire state of Florida for a way out.

Luckily, civilians from cities all over Texas and neighboring Floridian states have come together to help aid victims of these horrific events. First responders (U.S. coast guard and such) from as far up as Virginia were sent down and have well exceeded their job description.

On a happier note, Hurricane Irma slowed down, allowing first responders to go into more mild, but still treacherous, conditions and rescue people trapped. And it’s later so you’re welcome. I assumed you watched the video…