It’s College Applications Season

Its College Applications Season

Anna Tabet, Reporter

There’s a good portion of our student body that is currently faced with the impending horror that is college applications. Whether that may be in the form of attempting to depict our best qualities in a way that doesn’t seem like we’re attempting to depict our best qualities in an essay, or learning how to read at an incredibly fast rate for the SAT and ACT, seniors are feeling the pressure. But while we attempt to navigate our way through Apply Texas and Common App, we receive little guidance from our school.

Each individual student who decides that college is their next step, finds themselves overwhelmed with the differing requirements that universities outline. At a relatively early age you’re aware that college is an option after high school and that the SAT and ACT are required for that to occur, but what about the essays, short answers, resume, transcript, and many other components that are imperative before your application is even to be reviewed by a school. The overwhelming criteria is sprung on each student leaving them flustered and desperate for any variation of assistance. Now, there are a few essay writing camps that are available to students as well as our assigned counselors who can write recommendation letters or edit essays and short answers. However, with the influx of hundreds of new students to Lake Travis, it is challenging for students to formulate meaningful bonds with their counselors, leaving them disconnected from the sole member of the Lake Travis staff whose purpose is to assist and guide students. Lake Travis also does a presentation for seniors about certain aspects of college applications while the rest of underclassmen are taking the PSAT. The date of this PSAT/College information day falls at the end of October, which is a mere week before many college’s early action/decision, as well as scholarship deadlines occur. The idea to have a sort of information presentation seems useful, however it’s full potential is not being utilized if it is to remain being conducted past when such factors of the application process are profitable. If such a presentation were to occur near the end of the upcoming seniors’ year then they could start to process such information and begin assembling their applications closer to when many of the applications open, in the summer.

Being a senior is a challenging yet equally enjoyable year of school, and college applications most definitely have to do with the bulk of the stress. If seniors were given an outlet to gain knowledge that fully equips them for the upcoming months of work it could greatly lessen the inevitable aggravation and anxiety that students experience when beginning their college journey. Whether that be in the form of an earlier college information presentation, easier access to counselors or other knowledgeable administrators, or more time at school allowing for editing essays and short answers, any form of guidance for students would be greatly appreciated.