Lake Travis Growth includes Influx on New Students

Anna Tabet, Reporter

Lake Travis is a bolstering and lively campus, now more than ever, with the abundant growth to our student body. Our freshman class amounts to over 900 students and continues to grow. With Lake Travis’ continual growth, a massive influx of new students is bound to occur. Being a new student anywhere is a challenge, however coming onto a campus our size is accompanied with more hardships than most.

With Lake Travis becoming one of the largest schools in the Austin area, both in population and in campus size, merely the task of finding your classroom can be insurmountable. Nevertheless, trying to find a social group that allows a student to formulate friendships and express their individuality can be equally as difficult. High school is fraught with teenagers attempting to “find themselves”, however many students are caught modifying their opinions and beliefs to fit the classmates that accompany them. Needless to say, new students have spent their time trying to assimilate to a school that they are now forced to leave, only to repeat the process with differing social groups. Lake Travis implements many programs to attempt to assist the transition for many of these students, however with the vast amount of students that these programs pertain to, it is increasingly difficult to ensure that all if not the majority of the students are cared for. For example, there is a new kids’ table at lunch where new students can go to meet fellow new students and not suffer the glorified fate of eating alone in the bathroom stall. The new kids table is rarely talked about, and if it is then it’s quite noticeably bare. A new student to the district last year, Katie Springer, explain that when she approached the table she found that there were “no students at the table” and the students assigned to be surveying the table were “only talking to each other instead of ensuring that students knew that the table was a welcoming area”, so she instead decided to sit alone, which is the very fate that the table was created to prevent students from meeting.

Touring Lake Travis is an imperative step before becoming an official Cavalier. Many of the tours are conducted by students because who could possibly know the school more or assist someone in comprehending the social guidelines than a trusted classmate. Unfortunately, with a student conducting the tours, misinformation is bound to occur due to their lack of in depth knowledge of school activities that they are not a part of. With the extensive array of extracurriculars that Lake Travis offers, it is seemingly impossible to be fully versed on the ins and outs of every course offered, but an administrator would most likely know more about a greater portion of the courses, over a student whose knowledge of high schools is constricted to their own experiences. Being a new student is bound to be accompanied with adversity, the least we could do as a school body is to assist these students in a time of need.