Is Homework on the Way Out?


Anna Tabet, Reporter

LT Family Night was constructed off the ideal that students should spend time disconnected from school requirements, such as homework, and instead spend more time with their family. Therefore, a day where homework is to not be assigned came to. However, this arguably beneficial mindset and product was not implemented to its full capability.

We recently completed the first nine weeks of the school year, which is a commonly understood time of extreme stress for not only students, but teachers as well. With grades due unironically the upcoming Friday the 13th, it did not seem incredibly practical to have a day set aside for work free time with your family, two days prior. In addition, this school wide implementation of no homework was not entirely effective, with many teachers still assigning homework under the impression that students would technically not be required to complete the assignment that night, but the following one.

The end of the grading period was not the only major event that took place that week. If anyone was not aware, Lake Travis thrives on the spirit and sport of Football. Lake Travis Football has a widely hated, and commonly badmouthed, enemy, Westlake. The Westlake football game has frequently been coined as a time when Lake Travis joins together over mutual competition for a single high spirited night. In preparation for this game, our football teams go above and beyond practicing rigorously for long periods of time, from bright and early in the morning to far into the night. So with LT Family Night being two days before the high intensity night, that requires hours of devotion to football drills and conditioning, taking a single day to be with your family was not much of a priority. In addition, our school’s Theatre Department had it’s opening night of their fall show, The Odd Couple, the day after, leaving the final dress rehearsal to be the night of LT Family Night, having a good portion of cast and crew working at school till past 9 pm.

The idea to have a night that values the importance of family is well thought out, but many students didn’t even know that such a night existed. If we as a school truly wanted this program to be carried out, we must attempt to fully immerse the school in the ideals that LT Family Night was devised on. Lake Travis is a highly competitive school with hundreds of bright and diligent students who find themselves drowning in homework nearly every night. A night where students are given a break to breathe and refocus on the truly critical aspects of their lives. This is not to say that education is invaluable, for it has been proven time and time again that education allows our society to grow in immeasurable ways. However, while many students strive for higher GPAs and unweighted averages, they lose their admiration and bond with the loved ones who continually support their journeys to success. Maintaining a superb resume looks great on college applications, but no student wants to look back on high school and regret not having more of the seemingly miniscule family moments, because they were too preoccupied studying for their pre calculus quiz.