Greta Van Fleet: Original or Zeppelin Wannabe?


Daniel Cardenas - Reporter

On March 31, 2017, Greta Van Fleet burst into the music song with the debut single, “Highway Tune”. The band gained notoriety after the release of their first EP, Black Smoke Rising, the band,s heavy rock sound is heavily influenced by the iconic work of Led Zeppelin, and it wasn’t long before their work would be at the top of the charts in Billboard magazine, as a part of the same record label which helped launch other artists such as Paramore, Lorde, and Kid Rock. However, while the Michigan born band is relatively new to the mainstream, it wasn’t long before criticism followed the band as they spark a heated debate: do they sound too much like Led Zeppelin?

When first listening to the band the first thing you pick up on is the blues rock riffs, impassioned style guitar soloing, and of course the powerful screaming. All of which are staples of the work of Led Zeppelin. The lead vocalist, Josh Kiszka has an uncanny ability to match the voice of Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant. There is no question about it, Greta Van Fleet plays a lot like Led Zeppelin, maybe even exactly.

Despite the backlash, many view the band as a revival of the seventies rock era. But, do not think of them solely as a nostalgia act, as the band continues to gain more of a following by developing their own sound and combining the 70’s throwback with a little of their own flair during live shows. The band is scheduled to perform in Austin’s own Stubb’s BBQ this coming May.

In an interview with internet radio station, oWOW Cleveland, the band was asked about the comparisons between the bands, Kiszka simply replied “We’ll take it”. But how does the source of inspiration feel about the band? Turns out Greta Van Fleet has a fan in none other than Led Zeppelin frontman, Robert Plant. In an interview by Louisville radio station, 91.1 WFKP, rock legend was asked about the Greta Van Fleet frontman, to which Plant replied, “He’s pretty good”. Trust me that’s a way bigger compliment than it may seem.

I only discovered the band late November last year, and if I had heard the music without knowing the band I would have assumed I was listening to some unreleased Led Zeppelin music. I would definitely consider myself a die hard Led Zeppelin fan, and i appreciate the homage and revival of the band, and being born in the generation I was, I never had the chance to experience Led Zeppelin in person which is why in a way, Greta Van Fleet is giving me another way to experience what was Led Zeppelin.