Homecoming and Pride

Homecoming and Pride

February 24, 2020

LT Offers Clubs for All Groups

Gwen Reed, reporter

January 16, 2019

You know about Friday club days here at Lake Travis, but are you utilizing them? You know about some of the larger clubs such as Stuco, NHS, and junior chamber of commerce, but have you heard of some of the smaller clubs start...

The Skeptic

Ainsley Maddalena - Reporter

February 23, 2018

The school budget has always been a long debated topic- in movies, TV shows, and in real life- so I went to the person who knows most about our school, Gordon Butler, and he answered some of the questions I felt needed more ex...

Lake Travis Growth includes Influx on New Students

Anna Tabet, Reporter

October 30, 2017

Lake Travis is a bolstering and lively campus, now more than ever, with the abundant growth to our student body. Our freshman class amounts to over 900 students and continues to grow. With Lake Travis’ continual growth, a m...

Drug Culture at Lake Travis

Beckett Larcher, Reporter

October 30, 2017

The first time I came to Lake Travis High School one of the most distinguishing factors were the cringy stock-photo “60% of LT students in a survey said they would not drink at a party” posters. While to the outsider, visiting...

New Teachers…No Sweat

Anna Tabet, Reporter

October 28, 2017

Lake Travis High School is composed of a multitude of passionate, dedicated, patient, and intelligent teachers. If anyone was unaware, being a high school teacher is not as easy as many students make it out to be. Excluding th...

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